407 Training Visa

AAMS College has been granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approval as a Temporary Work -Temporary Activity Sponsorship #18574325781 for the 407 Training Visa. Our approval is from 28 November 2016 to 28 November 2021.

This stream is for people who need structured workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise. Our role is to assess suitable students to sponsor and provide our clients a training plan while they are on the 407 Visa whilst monitoring their progress. We sponsor students on the 407 Visa for a 12 month training period. We support strong applicants training towards a Manager role and write our training plan accordingly along with providing theoretical training.

The Australian Government allows those who wish to enhance their career by working and training in Australia to use the 407 Training Visa to achieve this outcome.

The 407 Visa allows the client to train and improve on their skills and knowledge whilst on the job training for up to 12 months. The job role is usually that of a new graduate training towards a managerial position or to improve on their current skills to gain advanced employment in their home country.

Applications for the 407 Training Visa are open to those who currently live offshore, as well as those already residing in Australia. For more information, please see the corresponding flyer if you are an On-Shore or Off-Shore applicant, feel free to contact us.

Download 407 Training Visa Applicant Information407 Training Visa FAQ

407 Training Visa Flyer (June 2017)


Being an offshore applicant for the training visa, I can say that AAMS helps a lot for providing everything I need for processing my application. Having this kind of opportunity makes me discover more things that I can do aside from being a pastry cook. (…) For any student that is thinking if the 407 visa is good for you, I can say that yes, they will mold you and enhance your skills and explore your own learning to become a professional one.
– Roxanne C

       It’s a great honour for me to be the part of AAMS. Also I am very much thankful to AAMS team for helping me getting 402 training visa.
Being the first student to get visa on 402 from my country in AAMS, I was very anxious and nervous but AAMS team made me feel comfortable after I started my college. I was grown up in small town in Nepal and always wanted to gain wide range of knowledge in the hospitality industry. So I choose AAMS and I am very happy on my decision.
It was very easy for me getting visa on 402 because of AAMS. The process was really short with few documents. Since, I already had experience in cookery I got admission on Training visa 402 to learn Australian standard cooking. I only needed my academic documents and few more documents to apply with no hassle at all as I used to think by seeing others with lot of paperwork.
My course is really helpful for me because I got opportunity to develop my standard on cooking skills , labour management, prep volume, health and safety. The things I learned at my college made me easier implementing it at my workplace. The lecturers are very helpful and the practical classes are realistic.
Being in multicultural class helped me making new friends from around the world and learn different culture and lifestyle.
The best part of 402 is I have full time job and I am experiencing the Australian standard cooking and worldwide recognised certificate.
Practical classes are realistic and helpful for me developing my skills in commercial kitchen. classes helped me deal with different types of customers and engage with customers more.And building good team at workplace in professional manner.
402 training visa has been a great help for me to explore the knowledge  in industry. As I met a lot of people working in this industry for long time they had to struggle a lot at their job. But being a experienced chef in Nepal the 402 visa helped me to explore the knowledge in high standard hospitality industry. I can focus on 38 hours at work and AAMS helps to balance my work and study lifestyle and also the instructors regularly visit my workplace and guide me according to my performance at my work. It is the best visa and best college to be here in Australia.
– Sushil K.