japan_korea_agent_roadshow_2014Australian Academy of Management & Science recruits its students from around the globe. Students’ recruitment is done directly by us and also through our agents in different countries.

With the strict guidelines of National Code of Practice 2007 and ESOS Act 2000, AAMS is accountable for the activities of our agents, their representative and staff. Therefore AAMS only accept applications from those agents who are registered and have a contract to recruit students on behalf of AAMS.

If you wish to promote AAMS or have students wanting to enrol in our college then you must be one of our registered agents.

AAMS Agents Register website

To become an agent for Australian Academy of Management & Science, please fill the application to become an agent and send your expression of interest and your company profile to us by email or post.

Download an application to become Agent

Applications could be forwarded to us by email: or

By post: PO BOX 203 Quakers Hill NSW 2763