Kitchen Competency  

The course has helped me a lot to enhance and better my competency in the kitchen.

Bryan    Certificate III in Commercial Cookery   
Great Experience  

I had a great experience with AAMS College. The best part when I started cooking and learning different kinds of dishes.

New Opportunities  

I learnt so much! Doing my work placement opened doors of opportunity and development of skills, as well as employment.

Natalie    Diploma of Community Services   
Confidence Boost  

Being at AAMS has helped me make friends and be confident enough to face others and talk to them. I'm now looking forward to going on work placement to apply what I've learnt in class.

Myka    Certificate III in Individual Support   
Thank you AAMS  

This college and all staff have supported me to be who I am. During confusion and when I needed time to find myself and employment, the college had a good understanding of my conditions and needs. I wish I could give more influence to other students who need to be trained as a great disability support worker and my work experiences. Thank you for your support and trust in me.

Desita    Diploma of Community Services   
Amazing and Interesting Course  

This course is amazing and interesting. I'm really happy with this course because I learnt a lot of things, and I was able to easily approach talk to the instructor when required.

Jean Romain    Certificate IV in Disability   
Good Environment for Learning  

Everyone in the classroom, including the instructor, were very co-operative, friendly and helpful, and I learnt many things.

Student    Certificate IV in Disability   
Helpful Trainers  

The best part of the course was that the trainer helps us in each and every step of the learning.

Samiksha    Certificate IV in Disability   
407 Visa Experience  

Being an offshore applicant for the training visa, I can say that AAMS helps a lot for providing everything I need for processing my application. Having this kind of opportunity makes me discover more things that I can do aside from being a pastry cook. I grow more and that makes me even more competitive. AAMS brings so much learning to me by providing practical classes and theory assessments that I can apply on my daily job. For any student that is thinking if the 407 visa is good for you, I can say that yes, they will mold you and enhance your skills and explore your own learning to become a professional one.

Roxanne C   
Excellent Teaching Staff  

The trainer, Peter, is good and his training and knowledge about the Hospitality industry is extraordinary. He is the best instructor I have met.

Deepak    Certificate III in Commercial Cookery   
Lifelong Understanding  

The best part about learning with AAMS College is learning how a real life disability support worker goes about their job, and to learn how those with disabilities feel. I learnt a lot from my trainer, and she is very helpful to all her students.

Skill Based Learning  

I learnt many things, such as how to care for disabled people and their needs. Thank you for the things that I lave learnt here.

Faye    Certificate IV in Disability   
Pathways for Permanent Residency  

I would like to formally inform you that I've just had my permanent residency granted. I'm very thankful for the learning opportunities you have shared with me and I wish you and your institution all the best.

Rhuel F.   
Cultural Learning  

I learnt how to interact with people of different cultures and some important things about Australia and the Australian culture. Thank you to all the staff of AAMS College.

Lady    Certificate IV in Disability   
Excellent Institute of Learning  

AAMS is a very good institution of study. I have gained knowledge and experience for working in community services.

Student    Diploma of Community Services   
Amazing Work Experience Students  

I wanted to thank you for sending through students to do their work placement at Brancourt , Lawler and Frigatebird Services. We would like to continue to have students come through as we are able to provide them with experience and guidance and on the other hand we are able to provide great service to our Customers.

If you have anymore, please send them through. I hope we can continue to train and educate students which also gives our staff opportunity to induct & train.

Pravin Chand    Service Manager   
Work Placement  

It was an great experience that I will never be able to forget. I have absolutely enjoyed it and learnt a lot, especially the kindness and outgoing nature of many people who are also working there and doing volunteer work. It helped develop my skills and knowledge in the kitchen, especially helping with being able to work under pressure and within a certain time frame. It is also important that I learnt how communicating with each other in the kitchen is important. My self-confidence and initiative have also very significant grown.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to work with your company [The Exodus Foundation].

Roselie    Certificate III in Commercial Cookery   
Warm Regards  

Thanks to all the staff and trainers for their warm assistance and knowledge during my training.

Student    Diploma of Community Services   
Career Learning  

I learnt how to improve my skills and knowledge in the Disability sector.

Mark Anthony    Diploma of Community Services   
Polite Staff  

The instructor is the best trainer of cooking I've had. He is very polite and has a good attitude towards students.

Daljit    Certificate III in Commercial Cookery