407 Training Visa is HERE!

The chance to gain industry learning while getting paid at the same time? AAMS College has been approved to offer the Subclass 407 Training Visa for the next 5 years!

AAMS College has been granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approval as a Temporary Work -Temporary Activity Sponsorship #18574325781 for the 407 Training Visa. Our approval is from 28 November 2016 to 28 November 2021.

This stream is for people who need structured workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise. Our role is to assess suitable students to sponsor and provide our clients a training plan while they are on the 407 Visa whilst monitoring their progress. We sponsor students on the 407 Visa for a 12 month training period. We support strong applicants training towards a Manager role and write our training plan accordingly along with providing theoretical training.

The Australian Government allows those who wish to enhance their career by working and training in Australia to use the 407 Training Visa to achieve this outcome.

The 407 Visa allows the client to train and improve on their skills and knowledge whilst on the job training for up to 12 months. The job role is usually that of a new graduate training towards a managerial position or to improve on their current skills to gain advanced employment in their home country.

Applications for the 407 Training Visa are open to those who currently live offshore, as well as those already residing in Australia. For more information, please see the corresponding flyer if you are an On-Shore or Off-Shore applicant, feel free to contact us.

Subclass 407 Training Visa Applicant Information


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